When do we send save the dates and invites?

When do we send save the dates and invites?

Posted by Ivory Coats on Dec 11th 2018

One of the first discussions that couples must take in to account when planning their wedding is when is the appropriate time to send their save the dates and invitations. It's a valid concern. Too soon and people may forget. Too late and your guests are wondering if you are just throwing your wedding together at the last minute. Some may be upset because of the late notice they have conflicting events that cause them to not be able to attend. There is a delicate balance that you have to be aware of. Your big day is a big deal and it's something meant to be shared with your loved ones and friends.

First things, first. Save the dates are always sent first. A save the date is a pre-invite giving everyone a heads up that your wedding is coming and to mark their calendar. A rule of thumb is if your wedding is a destination wedding or a wedding where 40% or greater of your guests will have to travel to town for your wedding then you need to send them 8-12 months prior to your big day. Your guests have their own arrangements they need to make with work schedules, buying airlines tickets, budgeting for their hotel room and other costs that they will incur coming to town for your wedding. Guests are honored to be invited and will do everything they need to be one of the special guests given access to witness your big day. They will be even more appreciative of a couple that has given them proper notice to make such arrangements. For weddings that are in town or less than 39% will be traveling to save the dates can go out 6-8 months before the wedding. 

If you are already within 6 months of your wedding day then don't despair you can still send save the dates. The main difference is you will be sending them out not too long before the official invite. Which is not the end of the world. Generally you want 3-5 months between sending the save the dates and the formal invitations.

Formal invitations are sent out in two different sets also. If the wedding is destination or 40% or greater are traveling to your wedding then you want to send them 6 - 12 months before the big day. You may be thinking why such a big range. Well that depends on if you are sending Save The Dates. If you decided you don't want to send save the dates then you will want to send your actual invite earlier. 

Save the dates are usually a little more fun and lighthearted than the official invite. They are designed to gear up anticipation for the big day. Check out our next article with ideas and how to make your save the dates something to remember. Invitations we like to think of as a sneak peak into your big day. It let's your guests know how to dress, color scheme, theme, and of course when and where. Your invitation sets the tone and is the last thing your guests will hold reminding them about your big day.

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