How to make your save the dates something to remember

How to make your save the dates something to remember

Posted by Ivory Coats on Nov 17th 2018

Save the dates are meant to be a pre-invite giving your guests a heads up on the date of your big day. It's meant to allow guests to mark their calendars and let them know they will be invited to the wedding. Save the dates are best remembered when they are fun and reflect you and your fiance in their minds. Below we are going to go thru some ideas to make your save the dates fun and memorable.

Fun Text and Design

The photo above is a good example of using fun text and design to create a flat invite that let's guests know about your fast approaching big day. 


Make use of your engagement photos by placing them in your save the date. Most couples save their photos to post on social media or add to their website or make poster size for the wedding day but how about your save the dates. This is a pristine opportunity to tie in your big day and your beautiful faces. Here is a tip! Add a magnet to the back so you guests can be reminded every time they go into their fridge.

Pencil Us In

There is a reason this saying is popular especially with Save The Dates. Pencil Us In says I know you are busy but make time for us. The visual of the calendar imprints in their minds so that they start associating that date with your wedding.

Create a fun experience!

Remember when you were a kid and you had your secret decoder glasses? You were a spy or a detective and you had to decode the secret message to stop the bomb and find the lost treasure! You can re-create that experience with a secret decoder save the date. Memorable experiences like this really gear your guests up for what's to come.

We have it all!

The best news is we can make any or all of these for you! We love special creations and unique designs so contact us today to get started on your unique save the dates.