How to have a plastic free wedding

How to have a plastic free wedding

Posted by Ivory Coats on Dec 11th 2018

Princess Eugene & Jack Brooksbank had what is rumored to be a plastic free wedding. Begging the question is this even possible??

The truth of the matter is it is possible to have a plastic free wedding and help avoid waste by keep your wedding very green. The other fact is that plastic is in a lot of the items we use. Maybe even some we do not realize that we have been using.

One of the first decisions you need to make when considering to have a plastic free wedding is how far are you willing to go to accomplish this goal. There will be moments of frustration and moments of discontent as you battle to be a good citizen of the earth. Weddings are a one day event and for many may feel bad creating so much waste for one day. 

Your first goal is to set boundaries. Some easy adjustments will be in how you purchase items such as wedding favors, wedding party gifts, and wedding decor. Next you want to bring this topic up immediately with you vendors and explain the importance of your wedding being plastic free. Explain how they can help you reach your goal by being conscious of the items they use for your wedding and requesting clearance for substituting items.

The next thing you want to do is become informed on what items are made of plastic. You may be surprised to know that your wedding dress, make-up, and bridesmaids gowns may all have or use plastic. Draw a line in the sand if you can't get plastic free then opt for items that come from recycled materials. 

On your invitations inform your guests that your wedding is plastic free. Instead of gift request donations be made to your favorite charity.

Go natural using fabrics like silk and fresh rose  petals. Skip faux flowers, balloons, and table confetti. If you do use disposables stick to paper products like cups and plates for dessert. Try paper favor bags that have been personalized and insert a slice of left over wedding cake so it doesn't go to waste.

All in all it is very possible to have a plastic free wedding curated that is lovely to the eye but also less harmful to the environment.

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